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It is located in the regi on of Central America, with a population of 15.4 million, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, has 33 volcanoes that are part of our natural beauty, its mineral wealth is the result of its geografíay tectonic activity giving rise to metals like gold, silver, zinc and antimony, the latter metal is found in large quantities in the western part of the country being in its almost pure natural state, showing one of the highest concentrations of antimony ore as Stibnite worldwide.

Her historical past led to the Mayan culture with a length of more than 3,000 years, giving rise to the development of Maya sites like Tikal and Takalik-Abaj.

It is a country of working people, agriculture is one of the main economic engines of Guatemala. Its main export crops are:


It is the world's largest producer, producing about 23,000 tons per year, regionally the department of Alta Verapaz has 70% of cardamom production in the country. USAID Ref.


The sugar industry in Guatemala is known for its competitiveness within the region and globally. During the period 2010/11, Guatemala ranked as the tenth largest producer, fourth largest exporter, third competitive and more efficient in terms of capacity in port.


Guatemala is located in seventh place with 2,783,642 bags exported. The figure is quite similar to that achieved in the period October 2009 to June 2010, when it reached 2,724,066 million bags, the statistics of the ICO.


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