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About US

Our company has over 15 years of business experience and management of steel products and plastic in Guatemala, our mission is to satisfy the needs, offering customers all that experience into every product that is manufactured and distributed in our company because we know that product quality is very important and our clients can be sure that they receive the quality meets international quality standards in coating thickness and mechanical properties of steel and plastic for all products besides being cheap and durable .

That's why we take great care in Acetsa investment that each of our customers takes the time to buy and sell all our products, plus we give our distributors the necessary advice for them to market the products we offer.

We have two divisions: The first division is the steel that goes into the transformation of steel profiles and sheets for roofing and complementary products such as Channels and capes. The second division is Plastic using the most innovative technology and existing materials of PVC in each thermo-acoustic prints and accessories it sells.

To provide better service and personalized attention to our markets we serve two markets: the commercial market that is intended for all Hardware Stores and Building Materials in the interior of the republic and the industrial market that is aimed at all companies that buy coils and strips of different galvanized coatings, galvalum and painted for the processing of metal products such as curtains, industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.

Our professional sales force enables its commercial distributors being offered them advice they need to promote the products we make, our experience in marketing is the move to have a comprehensive growth and thus meet their business growth.

In Acetsa we understand that continuous training and the strengthening of trade strategies provide added value to their business and financial structure so getting a code in our company will be making the best decision because unlike our competitors we offer quality advice and in our products and services.


Being a leader in the manufacture of steel and PVC coated for industrial, commercial and hardware sector at national level, using international quality raw materials company.


Being a company that manufactures, processes and sells steel and plastic products that provide added value achieved transform steel and plastic products used in the construction and industrial sector at national level

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