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¿What CorpoEventos
 can Do
 for your company?

              External Events and Relations:

   CorpoEventos design strategies to maximize your spending in events for clients, suppliers and targeted groups of people.

   CorpoEventos our goal is to stimulate human feelings and senses creating specific environments for specific needs or objectives.

   CorpoEventos help you build a brand identity in a specialized environment through Promotional campaign Events.

   CorpoEventos improve your brand’s performance and market position through product launch events.

   CorpoEventos create value-relationship with your clients through networking events.

   CorpoEventos consolidate relation with your suppliers through networking and training events. 

In house events
and Relations:

   CorpoEventos help you strengthen work relations between clients, employees, managers and other members of the company and the industry.

   CorpoEventos inspire the members of your company to be more productive and happier through in-house Campaigns Events 
          outdoors activities and

   CorpoEventos can help you promote value-relationships within the employees of your company through Social Events:
           galasand  and
           award deliveries.

   CorpoEventos stimulate access to personal and professional knowledge through in-house Education and Training Events :
           workshops and 

   CorpoEventos create academic atmospheres to improve knowledge and understanding of specific subjects.

Contact us:

14 Ave. "A" 14-53 Zona 10 Oakland II 
 Tel: 502) 2367-5053, 55 y 56 

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