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We are experts in assembling Expos and Fairs

We have a modern and versatile up with:

¨       Poles and frames, aluminum

¨       Panels MDF 

¨       Valance straight and / or curves

¨       Outlet according to your needs

¨       Labeling standard 

¨       Lighting lamps with very low heat emanation

       Our system allows for: 
    ¨        Stands in line 

       ¨        Custom stands 

       ¨        Panelería for painting and photo exhibitions 

       ¨        Decoration stands 

       ¨        Set  dressing rooms or 

       ¨        Any other divisions

The expertise of our staff, led us to meet the needs of the organizer of an event. That is why we offer our service in a manner to fulfill the expectations of our customers and each participating company receives a customized solution and treatment.

We have the drawings of the different rooms where they can mount stands, so what will be the first to submit proposals for flat-sharing stands completely to scale.

Our experience allows us to commit ourselves to deliver his long-time assembly and determine any need to mount a last minute.

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