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The area of Education seeks to guarantee a high quality, developed, automated, free education and forger of a better future for the Guatemalan people. This area covers education in the kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and college and university levels of Guatemala and at the same time it watches for the teaching of principles and values.


To achieve that 100% of the children in the communities we help attends school.

To reduce the index of children repeating in the primary years.

To increase the index of children promoted to basic education.

To promote secondary and university level education.

To drastically reduce the index of children without school supplies at the primary level.

To promote including principles, values and personal growth (Reach your Dreams) classes in the primary education studies curriculum.

To promote the intellectual, sports and artistic development of the children.

To automate, update and equip the villages’ schools.



Ing. Jorge Prado
General Coordinator



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