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Helping the poor

Area of Description

This project was born in the hearts of Guatemalan people with moral principles and a spiritual foundation who understand that getting interested in people’s needs and their daily struggle is the way to support them. Our purpose is to bring them unconditional support in the social, economic, labor and spiritual areas to aloud them and integral development and consequently their reinsertion into the Guatemalan society.

·         Help the Needy contributes to the integral development of the children and teenagers through the vindication of the Human Rights, the formation of moral and spiritual values.

Help the Needy brings support to children and teenagers from the streets, orphanages and senior citizens in Adult Care Centers, hospital, home and prison visits, help kitchens and food distribution.


·          Visiting the different places above mentioned.

·         Involve teenagers in topics to get their interest in personal growth.

·         Offer them food, clothing and activities to strengthen their family ties.

·         Motivate the children and teenagers from the street in searching and believing in God to make them aware of a change in their life through the responsibility of their own actions.

·         The acquisition of temporary shelter for the children and teenagers from the street.

Raise positive leadership in the transformation of their own lives.


Maria Consuelo Sandoval
General Coordinator
Help The Needy

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