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Coban 2009 Half Marathon Change the date to Sunday June 28
Alta Verapaz. The city of Coban, live holidays this year, Sunday June 28 2009, for editing of the XXXV International Coban Half Marathon,  The expectation for the start of the race grows with the passing of the hours, and not for less, as the 4,000 athletes will be, during the journey of 21 kilometers, the main protagonists of this sports festival.
It is expected the participation of world-class athletes such as participation of runners from Kenyan, who put a special touch to this sport show. as well, as the female branch.  Guatemaltecos Athletes,  half  marathons, try to do a good job. 

To sign up to invite a friend to this sporting event:
More information: 

Sport & Marketing 3rd. Calle 6-74 Zona 13, Guatemala City Pamplona or phone (502) 2385-8581 and 2385-8456. 
Sports & Marketing 
Jorge Lopez

Participants may pay the registration fee with your quota of participants is visa.El this event will be 4,000 runners.

New categories of equipment.

5 members of a department of Guatemala may register as a team and be measured by time and equipment in this new category.

Shall be recognized for the first Taste category:

Until 25 years
26 to 30 years
31 years A35
36 to 40 years
41 to 45 years
45 to 50 years
51 onwards 

Prepare for a career full of surprises ... ....

You will be provided courtesy of competition where a pedometer can measure your route and see your history of racing in MULTISPORTS electronically.

Cobán Sport Show 2009

In Sports from  will have the opportunity to enjoy a sports festival with the EXPO, where you can find products for the sport will be further transferred to the delivery of gifts and numbers. Do not miss it for more information on this event:


Adela Cajbon
Guatemala City
Tel: (502) 2367-5053, 55 and 56
Cel (502) 5207-2416
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