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If you thought you could live a regret-free life without visiting Guatemala, think again. This diminutive Central American country, smaller than the state of Louisiana, packs in enough diversity to entertain you for months. And its low, low prices mean you don’t need to visit your neighborhood payday lender to afford to stay a while.

From active volcanoes to immaculate colonial cities to quite possibly the world’s most beautiful lake, Guatemala boasts plenty of reasons for you to bid farewell to your loved ones, return those outstanding library books, and spend a couple months in Central America.

Why choose Guatemala as your destination? Guatemala is conveniently located in Central America and has many direct flights to the city, flight times are only between 2 and 5 hours. It also has an airport only 10 minutes from the metropolitan city.


The climate of Guatemala will make your stay more enjoyable as it is very nice has been recognized as the land of eternal spring with a temperature of about 23C.


Guatemala is a multicultural country where in addition to Spanish, the English has become a common way to communicate. This avoids the risk of language barriers, increasing their level of satisfaction and trust.

Competitive prices

The rates of surgeries and hospitalizations are between 60% and 70% lower than the prices of other countries.


Medical specialists working in Guatemala have extensive experience, preparation and practice locally and internationally (mainly in the US) and excellent academic training that certifies to serve more than 50 specialties.

The People

When a tourism slogan proclaims that “The best part are our people!” I roll my eyes and figure it must be a colorless place with nothing to offer. Not so with Guatemala. Within a period of three days, I had two different people sit down next to me in Xela’s Parque Centroamerica and strike up a lengthy conversation. One of them invited me to hang out with him and his friends that night at a local watering hole. The other only started talking to me because he thought I was gay. But still, that counts!

Recovery in Antigua

Situated between three volcanos, Antigua’s surroundings are as picturesque as its well-preserved colonial architecture. With cobblestone streets, arches, and a tree-filled central plaza, Antigua is the embodiment of the word “charming.” Don’t miss the Catedral de Santiago on the east side of the town square; its white facade is illuminated beautifully in the evening.

You will be evaluated and treated in the best clinics and hospitals in the city of Guatemala , after your operation you require you will be transferred to Antigua Guatemala a place with the best hotels and spas for your recovery and postoperative treatment

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