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Who we are?

Trip&Care is a Company located in Guatemala City with over 10 years of experience providing attention to patients with different medical conditions.

Trip&Care experience and professionalism have placed us among the favorites in this business. We offer more than 50 medical treatments/procedures and alliances with specialized clinics and the best hospitals in Guatemala as well as great relationship with the best qualified doctors specialized in the US and Europe. To our patients we offer the possibility of performing treatments/procedures as they enjoy the beauty of Antigua Guatemala, located 35Kms from the city. Antigua is a central highlands of Guatemalan famous for its well reserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture as well as a number of ruins of colonial churches. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We provide attention packages which include treatments/procedures packages based on customer specification.

As our name states we provide medical tourism services. However in reality the scope of our services is much larger than just a medical tourism company. The services we provide include:
  •  Finding you the best doctor
  • Finding you the best hospital or clinic
  • Obtaining an accurate estimate of the cost and duration of your procedure / surgery
  • All types of Transportation
  • Scheduling and booking all your procedures / surgeries/ traveling
  • Coordinating your entire flow of your travel and your entire stay.
  • Planning and booking all tours or vacation plans
  • Providing 24/7 assistance while you are in enjoying your package.
  • We care about you and make sure to obtain only the best care for you.
  • Arranging follow-up care upon our patients return to their home
  • We save you money

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