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The project consists of a multi-use private property corridor connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in Guatemala, the country to the north of the Central American Isthmus.  The Corredor Interoceánico de Guatemala has 372 kilometers long and 140 meters wide, with a port on each ocean; each port extending over approximately 4,419 hectares, is located on one of the main global trade routes of the 21st. century.

The project presents a unique and integrated model of infrastructures and development plans for the territory:
The Intermodal Corridor:  with two new ports on the Pacific and Atlantic and one two-way railroad connection extending over 372 kilometers.
The Energy Corridor:  with up to 5 independent systems to transfer hydrocarbons and gas, with a complementary possibility of establishment of a refinery and petrochemical complex.
The Multi-activity Area:  with passage of high capacity fiber optics connecting to underwater cables on each side of the Central American Isthmus, producing low-cost energy, an electricity network system, with several water networks.
Economic Development Platforms:  with over 3,500 hectares to develop industrial, agro-industrial, logistic, and technological parks.
Development of an active policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, with advanced environmental and social programs.
Regional economic development by launching two programs:  the first, dedicated to promoting agricultural and agro-industrial activities; the second, dedicated to promoting a network of highly competitive free zones in the region.

Definitely, this project entails radical change in transportation, logistics, energy, telecommunications, and technology which, if carefully overseen, will produce a quantitative and qualitative leap for competitiveness in Central America, allowing for acceleration of activities in primary, secondary, and tertiary activities.


Optimization of time and cost on commercial maritime routes.
Design of ports according to maneuvering needs of ships.
Self-management of port services.
Tailor-made telecommunications management system.
“Virtual Corridor” – An Integrated Management System (with “no paper”) of all influxes of document exchange in the Corridor.
Possibility of developing a tailor-made “bunkering” system.
Reduced labor and maintenance costs.
Tailor-made structure for generation of electricity and storage (competitive costs).
Low fuel costs for movement of trains.
Free Zone regime throughout the Corridor.
Highly competitive Fiscal Conditions.
Low port operating costs.
Strategic storage of hydrocarbons.
Added value for industrial and technological activities.


Guatemala’s geographic position.
Guatemala’s near location to the large markets and within an area of possible exchange of merchandise.
Sustained and solid growth of international trade of merchandise gives way to a new route that will provide competitive advantages and complement those already existing.
The Panama Canal, amplified, will allow only transit of Post Panamax ships of 12,000 TEU’s (49m beam/width by 366m length, and 15m draft/depth).
An increase in new generation ships, together with an effective maritime-overland intermodality, assures competitive advantages in cost and time with the Panama Canal and in cost with the US “Landbridge.”

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