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* Physician and Surgeon specializing in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery .

* Plastic Surgeon with over 15 years of professional experience

Member of the following Associations

* Guatemalan Association of Plastic Surgery

* IPRS (International Plastic Reconstructive Surgery)

* Federación Iberolatinoamerica de Cirugía Plástica

* IBEROLATINOAMERICAN Federation of Plastic Surgery

* Central American Association of Plastic Surgery

Awards and / or AWARDS

* AH Robins Awards in the 2nd . and 3o. year and recognition for occupying the top of the promotion, during the career of Medicine from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala .

* Honorable Mention in the Plastic Surgery Residents Contest for his work presented at the VIII Congress of Plastic Surgery Iberolatinoamericano , Guatemala in May 1990 .

Dr. Oswaldo Quiroa (plastic surgeon)
and his wife Nurse
Alicia Rodriguez Quiroa ( head nurse ).

Dr. Oswaldo Quiroa, Plastic Surgeon
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