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Bakery applications for banana and pineapple drum dried flakes.
There were three different methods used for the flakes:
  1. Flakes pre-hydrated before baking
  2. Flakes applied directly to the preparation
  3. Flakes used as part of the flour in the baking preparation
  • Taste level is excellent
  • Storage by space and conservation is profitable
  • Taste is consistent
  • Product is available year-round
  • It has no contraindication at the preparation level; it is easily incorporated into recipes
  • Can also be used for breaded products such as shrimp with pineapple


Energy bar applications for drum dried banana and pineapple flakes. The same method was used in the elaboration of two presentations of different thickness.

  • Taste of fresh fruits
  • Great crunch
  • Freshness
  • Viable for storage
  • Long shelf life
  • Practical in use



The drum dried fruit flakes worked as part of the ice cream’s base in this recipe. We added the dried fruit flakes to the ice cream mix for 12 hours to allow it to ripen and make the base “creamy”. This method is practical because only 10% of the ice cream’s base was drum dried fruit flakes and this percentage was sufficient to complete the recipe.

  • Flavor level is powerful and natural
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Practical for the consistency of the products
  • Good stability in the process
  • Drum Dried Banana Flakes have high level of starch
  • Drum Dried Pineapple Flakes have higher sugar content

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